About MeeGo's GTK+

Hi there,


The Maemo 5 UI is based on the Hildon Application framework , which is
based on GTK+. We announced a long time ago that Maemo would use an
application framework based on Qt instead, and now that plan is part of
MeeGo. In the Maemo context the future of GTK+/Hildon was drawn as
"community supported". We started discussing with some community
maintainers and with Stormy about how to support the kick-off of that

But now MeeGo brings official support for GTK+ (and Clutter) based
applications, as explained at http://meego.com/developers/meego-architecture

Looking only at boxes in "markitecture" diagrams it looks like we have a
nice story. In reality though there are some questions that go down to
the real code and their maintainers:

- What is the interest of GNOME application developers in the MeeGo

- How different is the upstream GTK+ from Moblin's GTK+ and Maemo's GTK+?

- How useful do you see in that context Hildon as a glue to provide
native behavior and look & feel to GTK+ based apps in MeeGo?

- What is the work that needs to be done and who is willing to push it?

I have been discussing with Stormy about a budget we have from the Maemo
team to help activities related to that initial "GTK+ community
support". That budget was approved in order to bring GNOME apps to Maemo
(5 & 6) and we are happy to keep it if that is helpful for Maemo 5 & MeeGo.

Quim Gil
open source advocate
Maemo Devices @ Nokia

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