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<quote who="Mikkel Kruse Johnsen">

> I can see that there are some Technologies Under Consideration but I don't
> see C# (Mono) mentiond anywhere, is that not under consideration ?
> I think that C# could speed up the development for this platform. What is
> people thoughts on this ?

The thinking thus far on this front has roughly been:

 * The platform as launched represented what's shipping and planned to ship
   on production devices, so Mono didn't fit in with that definition.

 * Almost all of the current GNOME Mobile development is happening in C/C++
   due to the nature of the target platforms, so they are clearly the

 * Mono is a can of worms that no one really wanted to open, because it
   would distract people from the awesomeness of the project before we'd
   demonstrated public success.

 * Various community members are doing Mono-related development on mobile
   and embedded devices, so perhaps something will come out of that (there
   are builds for Maemo, etc).

My own view is that Mono was firmly shoved back into limbo via the NOVL/MSFT
agreement, and that unless there is a lot of pressure to support it from
both community and commercial participants, we should continue to dodge that

- Jeff

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