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> explains what the different bits of hildon are and their relation to
> each other.
I have written up this post into a valid docbook file called hildon.xml . This is attached if the
list filter will allow it. I would like to include it also in the 'Upstream' section of the
community UME Guide.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE chapter PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.3//EN" 
<chapter id="app-framework" status="writing">
	<title>Application Framework</title>
		<para> Mobile internet devices and tablets need an application framework that can provide a way to create applications with a very consistent look and feel and be prepared to run and interface nicely using restricted resources found on small devices like small resolution, little CPU power and storage. In addition, applications should be designed for touchscreen use, finger-friendly navigation, gestures, etc. Thus a specific UI framework, prepared for this kind of demand is necessary.</para>
<para>The Hildon Application Framework is one of a few existing frameworks designed for small devices and is a good candidate for tablet use. It has strong support from Nokia and is a part of GNOME Mobile. This allows the Gnome community and others to contribute in a way that benefits all users. </para>
	<sect1 id="hildondesktop" status="writing">
		<title>Hildon Desktop</title>
    <para>Our major goal is to make it easy for distributions to package Hildon Desktop so that developers can have a quick-to-setup environment for the development of plugins</para>
  <sect2 id="hildon-intro" status="writing">
    <title>The Hildon UI</title>
    <para>The following is in somewhat prioritized order (from top down) to reach
what is known as the Hildon UI.
<sect2 id="hildon-desktop" status="writing">
	<para> Hildon Desktop is the main UI component of the Maemo UI. It
		consists of two panels and the Home area. Each panel can house
		plugins and basically function like on an ordinary desktop
		environment except for that this user interface was designed for
		touch screen use on mind and was originally developed to Nokia
		770 Internet tablet.
		Build-Depends: libhildon1-dev, libosso-dev, osso-af-settings,
		libhildonfm2-dev, libhildonhelp-dev
        Very closely tied with hildon-theme-plankton.
<sect2 id="hildon-1" status="writing">
	<para>The Hildon widgets. Contains generic application window as well
		as several specialized widgets designed for internet tablets.
        Very closely tied with hildon-theme-plankton.
<sect2 id="hildon-fm" status="writing">
	<para>File management widgets. Implementation of GtkFileChooser
		designed for internet tablets.
		Build-Depends: libosso-dev, maemo modified gtk+ (for exporting
		parts of GtkFileSystem), libhildon-thumbnail-dev,
        osso-gwconnect-dev, mce-dev, libhildon1-dev, libhildonmime-dev
<sect2 id="hildon-thumbnail" status="writing">
	<para>API for getting thumbnails for files. Similar to
		GnomeThumbnailFactory but asynchronous, designed for low memory
		low performance devices. Includes thumbnailer plugin for files
		supported by GdkPixbuf.
        Build-Depends: libosso-dev
<sect2 id="libhildonmime" status="writing">
	<para>API for activating applications to handle certain MIME types.
		Similar to gnome_vfs_url_show() but uses X-Osso-Service field
		in .desktop files and activates applications with DBus directly.
		Includes hildon-update-category-database which is
		update-mime-database (from shared-mime-info) modified to
        recognize additional elements.
<sect2 id="gnomevfs-obex" status="writing">
	<para>obex:// module for gnome-vfs
		Build-Depends: libopenobex1-dev, libgwobex-dev,
<sect2 id="gnome-vfs-filechooser-backend" status="writing">
	<para>gnomevfs backend for GtkFileChooser
<sect2 id="gtkfilesystemmemory" status="writing">
	<para>GtkTreeStore which can be used as a in-memory file system
		backend for hildon-fm.
		Build-Depends: maemo modified gtk+ (for exporting parts of
<sect2 id="hildon-thumbnail-libid3" status="writing">
	<para>hildon-thumbnail plugin for audio files (as supported by
		libid3.) (This is actually abusing the thumbnailing API by using
		the thumbnail for passing metadata about the audio files.)
        Build-Depends: libhildon-thumbnail-dev
<sect2 id="hildon-theme-plankton" status="writing">
	<para>The plankton theme (matchbox + gtk) Contains one big png which
		when built with the layout and tools produces a standalone theme
        Build-Depends: hildon-theme-layout-4, hildon-theme-tools
<sect2 id="sapwood" status="writing">
	<para>The theme engine. Similar to pixbuf engine but uses
		client-server design and pixmaps rather than pixbufs. Faster and
		more memory efficient than pixbuf engine, but doesn't do scaling
        or gradients.
<sect2 id="hildon-theme-cacher" status="writing">
	<para> A tool for generating a bytecode-ish cache file for gtkrc files
		to improve application startup time.
		Depends on maemo modified gtk+ (though the support for caching
        is actually missing at the moment.)
<sect2 id="hildon-theme-layout-4" status="writing">
	<para>gtkrc template for themes. The idea is that we maintain single
		gtkrc template (which is closely tied with the code) and
		implement different themes by only drawing a single png file.
        Build-Depends: hildon-theme-tools
<sect2 id="hildon-theme-tools" status="writing">
	<para>Tools for handling the theme building process.
<sect2 id="libosso" status="writing">
	<para>DBus convenience wrappers and hardware related callbacks.
        Build-Depends: mce-dev
<sect2 id="hildon-home-webshortcut" status="writing">
	<para>Plugin for hildon-desktop, shows a an image and opens a URL in
		browser when clicked.
		Build-Depends: libhildon1-dev, libosso-dev, osso-af-settings,
		libconic0-dev, libhildonfm2-dev, libhildonmime-dev,
        libhildondesktop-dev, hildon-desktop-dev
<sect2 id="hildon-control-panel" status="writing">
	<para>Control panel shell roughly similar to gnome-control-center.
		Control panel plugins are shared libraries rather than
		executables to save memory.
		Build-Depends: libhildon1-dev, libosso-dev, osso-af-settings,
<sect2 id="clipboard-manager" status="writing">
	<para>Subset of gnome-settings-daemon functionality, namely the
		cliboard manager to retain the clipboard contents after
		application exit and GConf-Xsettings bridge for a couple of
<sect2 id="maemo-launcher" status="writing">
	<para>Application startup time optimizer, a bit similar to kdeinit.
		Taking advantage of maemo-launcher doesn't require code changes,
        merely recompile.
<sect2 id="hildon-initscripts" status="writing">
	<para>Startup script, settings and environment variables for running
		gtk and matchbox with proper look and feel.
        Depends: osso-af-startup
<sect2 id="osso-af-startup" status="writing">
	<para>Startup scripts for for target device.
        Depends: osso-af-utils, osso-core-config
<sect2 id="hildon-help" status="writing">
	<para>API for integrating with help UI. (The UI is closed source, but
		it may be possible to use yelp instead.)
        Build-Depends: libosso-dev, libhildon1-dev
<sect2 id="mce-dummy" status="writing">
	<para>Dummy package to satisfy package dependencies for mce.
<sect2 id="osso-af-settings" status="writing">
	<para>Contains pkgconfig file providing directories where to put
		application, task navigator, status bar, home .desktop files,
<sect2 id="osso-af-utils" status="writing">
	<para>Small utilities, for booting up and periodically cleaning up
		temporary files. Includes transparent cursor theme to hide the
<sect2 id="osso-app-killer" status="writing">
	<para>Scripts for clearing user data and settings, resetting factory
        settings, shutting down application before running restore..
<sect2 id="posix-locales" status="writing">
	<para> Locale data for languages
<sect2 id="gazpacho-hildon" status="writing">
	<para>Hildon support for Gazpacho UI builder
<sect2 id="hail" status="writing">
	<para>Accessibility support for hildon-1 and hildon-fm
        Build-Depends: hildon-libs-dev, hildon-fm-dev

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