[mlview-list]development activity

Hi all,

I have merged the mlview-app-refactoring branch into CVS HEAD.

MlView now uses glade/libglade for the main window (no more libgnomeui
based stuffs). All the graphical custom widgets (Tree Editors, Node
editor etc ..) are then positionned in that main window.
The architecture has also changed a bit as it is now really
"multi-type-of-views" . Today we have only one editing view, which is
what I call a "tree oriented view". This view is made of an xml tree
editing widget, a node editing widget and a node name completion pane.
Well, it's the good old view we have always had.

One can imagine to code a new text oriented view where people could
freely type/edit xml in text form while having element name completion
based on the DTD, for example; or a CSS styled editing view that would
render the xml document using a css stylesheet ... 
This is now possible with the new architecture.

In the current tree oriented editing view, I removed the ugly toolbar we
had as it was not HIG compliant. Instead, all the editing is now done
via right clicking.
I have also added the enabling/disabling of some menu items, depending
on the editing context.

A lot of bugs have been fixed and all these fixes are available in CVS
HEAD now.

I still have a couple of annoying bugs to chase before the coming 0.6.3

As always, you are invited to grab the CVS version and test it, even if
I now that only a few people actually test the CVS version.



Dodji Seketeli <dodji seketeli org>

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