Exposure event handling?

Hi everyone,

I'm maintaining the GTK-Window-Decorator code for compiz which uses
metacity decorations. We are currently working on a mode that would
have the decoration rendered to an actual GdkWindow and not some
pixmap composited on-screen.

With regards to that, I have a few questions. Please be aware that I
am a Gdk Novice and although I have spent a lot of time reading the
documentation - I don't know everything :)

1. I need to handle exposure events to know when to redraw a
particular area of the decoration. Currently, I register for Exposure
events using XChangeWindowAttributes and listen for them in the
GdkFilterReturn function event_filter_func (which takes a GdkXEvent,
GdkEvent and gpointer data -  I think this is the Gdk wrapper for X
events?). Currently, it looks like I am not getting Expose events for
the windows I want.

Interestingly enough, I looked in the metacity source code and it
looks like Expose events are not handled at all (just handled with
break;). How does metacity know when to clear certain areas of the
background of its GdkWindow?

Kind Regards,


Sam Spilsbury

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