Popup window behaviour

Hi metacity list,

A user of Varkon (see http://varkon.sourceforge.net) has reported
that Varkon is not displaying a popup window correctly when using
metacity. Varkon has been around for 20+ years on all major Unix
platforms but this problem is new to us so I thought I'd ask on the
metacity list if anyone has a clue. Varkon is an X application written
in ANSI C and the popup window is created using XCreateWindow() with
the DefaultRootWindow as parent. Please respond directly to me with
any further questions.

Regards, Johan


Dr. Johan Kjellander, Docent
Senior lecturer Mechanical engineering
School of Science and Technology
Örebro university
SE-70182 Örebro
E-mail: johan kjellander oru se
Tel: +46 (0)705 500 356

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