Re: autofullscreen maximized windows with no decorations


On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 11:32 AM, Tomeu Vizoso<tomeu sugarlabs org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> we wish to use Metacity as the default window manager in Sugar and
> have found a problem that is not clear how to solve.
> The lines in the link below will fullscreen all windows that have no
> decorations and are maximized:
> In Sugar's case, most windows will be maximized and won't have
> decorations, but we don't want them to be put automatically in
> fullscreen mode because in fullscreen mode Sugar activities display a
> different UI (the toolbar on the top is hidden and the canvas fills
> the whole screen).
> Also, we have a panel/dock that slides into the screen and should also
> appear over maximized windows.
For those interested, there was a discussion leading up to this mail on irc:

> I will appreciate any feedback about what can we do here and, as a
> proof of concept, I'm attaching a patch that adds a CLI switch for
> disabling automatic fullscreening.
I don't think a command line switch is really right for this.  There
aren't really any other command line switches that adjust this kind of

A gconf key probably makes more sense than a command line switch.
Also as hp pointed out in the above discussion you might be able to
just piggy back off of disable workarounds.

Another possibility would be no option at all, but a new type hint
TYPE_HINT_ACTIVITY or whatever that would give the right full
screening behavior and could potentially be used to tweak other
behaviors as well (although I don't know what other things could
benefit from being tweaked)

> I can also open a ticket if you think this can be considered as a
> valid bug or feature request.
Probably best.  Note Thomas Thurman (marnanel on irc)  is the current
metacity maintainer, so he's probably the best person to talk to about


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