Title: Flashmail

I see recently that Iain work to integrate compositing in metacity,

I'll also work on composite manager (outside metacity) which use cairo
for rendering: I have implemented it
outside metacity to preserve his functionalities. My principal goal was
to provide compositing in GNOME and on all platform. For that, CCM used
cairo and his backends to render (Xrender/Glitz).

What about joining our efforts to provide compositing on GNOME ?

CCM is using GObject for object model design and provides a plugin
system which can be used to add various effects. In the future, I?m
planning to add a clutter backend, some means for
other applications to interact with cairo-compmgr (especially
accessibility applications), some cool plugins, etc.

Have fun,

gandalfn <gandalfn club-internet fr>
belou <belou bdc gmail com>

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