Re: wine's fullscreen code has no effect on metacity

What does "windows firefox thinks it's in fullscreen mode" mean?  Does
the application try to manually resize itself in addition to sending
the state change messages to the root window (perhaps as a workaround
for WMs not supporting the _NET_WM_STATE stuff)?  Or is there some
other notification that the window is attempting to be in fullscreen
Windows does not have a fullscreen mode. In Windows, windows that are
Always on Top are on top of panels. Windows applications enter
"fullscreen mode" by positioning themselves take up the whole screen
and being always on top (actually, now I'm not so sure they have to be
always on top; I'm only basing that on my experience as a Windows

When the size of a window or the screen resolution changes, Wine marks
windows whose client area covers the whole screen as fullscreen. This
is done in the update_fullscreen_state function in this file:

How are you making firefox try to enter fullscreen mode?  (F11?)

You see part of the bottom panel, but not the whole thing and you
can't interact with any of it?  Sounds like an application bug where
Metacity has resized and placed the window on top but the app just
hasn't updated from expose events.  You could verify by e.g. running
  sleep 5; xprop | less
in a terminal, switching to firefox during the sleep and putting it in
fullscreen mode, then after the sleep clicking in the area where you
see part of the bottom panel.  xprop lists all kinds of crap, but the
WM_CLASS or WM_NAME (both near the end) are usually pretty good ways
to verify which application you clicked on.
That issue is with Alt+F11 (metacity forcing fullscreen mode), and
it's not really as important, since Windows can't do anything like

Alternatively, I can point you to the source code in metacity.  The
Alt-f11 keybinding I had you set up is handled in
Messages from apps to add/remove/toggle these state properties are handled in
you'll want to search for "fullscreen" within that function as many
other states are handled in that function as well.
I'll look at that when I have a chance (even though I'm not really an
expert on this stuff), thanks.

Vincent Povirk

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