Re: Metacity Compositor


On 2/16/06, Davyd Madeley <davyd madeley id au> wrote:
> Can someone point me to a list of things that the Metacity
> compositor can do
We talked about this on IRC, but I'll answer here for the archives.

- drop shadows
- minimization animations
- consistent redrawing and window resizing (you don't see blank areas
while newly uncovered areas draw themselves)

> and how to enable it (does it work on nVidia?)
compile cvs HEAD with --enable-compositor and
set the compositing_manager check box to true in gconf-editor under

You need to be running a version of mesa and X server that supports
the texture_from_pixmap extension too, I think (so either the
accel-indirect branch of Xorg cvs, or (maybe?) xgl).  Although in
theory, the compositing manager could be adapted to work without it.

It doesn't work on nvidia, because nvidia's proprietary drivers don't
support texture_from_pixmap (yet!) and the open source drivers don't
do 3D.


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