The Inevitable Compiz/Xgl/libcm Question...

Soeren (and others),
I have been reading the news of Xgl/Compiz with great interest. I have been browsing the source code of compiz and libcm in the appropriate cvs servers. I have read the notes of your XDevConf presentation and also that of Davids at
I (and i'm sure many others) are wondering how these things fit together and what direction development of metacity will take.
I hope you do not take offence to my question as I understand the anemosity that arose in the gnome community when Xgl/compiz came out from closed doors. Putting that aside however, I have many  questions about the technical similarities and differences in libcm and compiz. I believe that having such documentation written down somewhere will be beneficial to all those developers whose interest in metacity will be spurred by the Xgl/compiz news.
Do you believe a page should be created on the Gnome wiki discussing Xgl,Compiz,libcm etc so that new contributors can collaboritivly write documentation there or should I just start asking questions here?
I really hope that all the excitement generated over Xgl/compiz results in an increase in Gnome Love and Gnome development. I am willing to help.
p.s. Please point me to the appropriate place to ask such questions if this is not it
p.p.p.s I will try and pull any information together for a article in the next Gnome Journal
p.p.s Sorry for the trouble

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