Re: jhbuilding metacity

jhbuild by default will compile and install all metacity dependencies
first, recursively.  You can say jhbuild buildone metacity if you know
you have all the development dependencies installed on your system using
-dev or -devel packages.  jhbuild is more intended to build and test the
entire GNOME system at once.  If you only want to build metacity, it's
probably easier simply to use anonymous CVS directly.

For information on using GNOME CVS, please see

Also, there is a HACKING file in metacity along with some other
developer docs in the source code tree itself that you may want to check

When you have a patch you think is good enough to be included in
metacity, make a bug at and attach your patch.  One
of the friendly neighborhood metacity geeks (i.e. Elijah) will take a
look at it, hopefully soon.


On Wed, 2005-10-26 at 11:05 -0300, Philip O'Brien wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm pretty new at this, so please bear with me  :) 
> I've checked out metacity from the CVS.  After reading the code and playing with
> it for a couple weeks, I'm ready to compile and run and play and hack, and all
> that fun...
> I was about to jhbuild metacity (just moved into the metacity dir and ran
> `jhbuild`), but it wants to checkout and compile/install 115 modules (beginning
> with libxml2).  Is this normal?  Should I expect this to take ages?
> Thanks,
> Phil
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