Re: patches for memprof on current glibc

John Berthels wrote:

Hi folks,

I've been trying to get GNOME cvs memprof building and running on ubuntu 5.10.

There was a compilation issue with newer binutils (already fixed in
the ubuntu patchset) and also a problem caused by the fact that
backtrace() in glibc 2.3.5 calls dlopen(), which calls malloc and
hence recurses.

By sticking in a simple-minded malloc for use during startup (and
forcing initialisation of backtrace() at init time), I can get memprof
running (with the colour display working) and the 'leaks' button

The 'profile' button currently causes a segv (looks like it might be
gtk_list_store related at the moment) and I haven't tested on anything
apart from simple single-threaded apps.

Would patches along these lines be welcome? Sent to this list or the
current maintainer (I'm afraid I'm not sure who that is). I don't have
"production quality" patches yet, but I can clean up + post what I
have if there is any interest.


memprof-list mailing list
memprof-list gnome org


iam really interested in a working memprof. this app is really great.
can you upload the patches/motified version somewhere ? or sent it to me or to the list.

thanks for your work, jochen

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