MembershipCommittee | Membership renewal request for davidk (#141)

Title: GitLab

David King created an issue: #141

Personal details

If you own a GNOME Account already, please provide your account name (UID) instead of providing the above requested information.

Existing account name: davidk


Being a GNOME Foundation member takes in several benefits. One of them being an alias which matches the desired account name as provided above. The alias will then point to the e-mail you specified above as your permanent e-mail address.

Other benefits and ways to have them available to you are available here.


Maintainer of Cheese and contributor to Yelp and several other GNOME projects.


Git repositories, or @shaunm or @mdhill

Once your membership has been accepted

Once your Foundation Membership has been approved, you should be able to reset your GNOME Account password via:

Once done, please login with your username and the password you just set at the following website:

Please also remember your GNOME Account allows you to login against all the hosted services including Discourse, Events website, Pastebin, Nextcloud, Gitlab etc.

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