MembershipCommittee | Membership application (#136)

Title: GitLab

GeopJr created an issue: #136

Personal details

  1. Full Name: Evangelos Paterakis
  2. Permanent e-mail address: evan geopjr dev
  3. Desired account name (Requirements are listed at account name policy): epaterakis



It helps us processing your application faster if you could quote (via @username) existing GNOME maintainers or contributors who could vouch for you and your contributions.

Once your membership has been accepted

Once your Foundation Membership has been approved, you should be able to reset your GNOME Account password via:

Once done, please login with your username and the password you just set at the following website:

Please also remember your GNOME Account allows you to login against all the hosted services including Discourse, Events website, Pastebin, Nextcloud, Gitlab etc.

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