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Contact Information

Full Name: Jim Hall
Email:     jhall AT freedos.org

SSH key:     

Mail alias: Yes
Mail alias username: jhall
Jabber Account: No

Contributions Summary:
I don’t know that my contributions have been significant enough to continue Foundation membership. If you 
agree, please consider me for Emeritus status.

My contributions have been focused on outreach and advocacy. Summary: I frequently write about GNOME for 
websites and magazines, and speak about GNOME at conferences and other venues. I also mentored Clarissa 
Borges in last year’s Outreachy, and have since helped her to prep for presentations about her GNOME work, 
including a presentation at last year’s GUADEC. Very proud of the work Clarissa has done!

Specific work includes: (this may not be complete but it mostly is)

-Mentored interns for Outreachy: Usability testing in GNOME (Dec2018-Mar2019 cycle)
** Also worked closely with Clarissa for her presentation to last year’s GUADEC
** See Clarissa’s contributions at https://lborgesclarissa.wordpress.com/

-Advocacy and outreach: Writing articles about GNOME for publication on OpenSource.com and other websites and 
magazines. Including: 
** upcoming (July 2020) article for OpenSource.com: interview with Emmanuele Bassi about GNOME [title may 
** upcoming (July 2020) article for OpenSource.com: why you should use GNOME [title may change]
** Personal file server with Linux (mentions GNOME) 
** Get your business up and running on open source (features GNOME) 
** How the Linux desktop has grown (big feature on GNOME) 
** 6 open source tools for writing a book (mentions GNOME) 
** The next step is open source (general open source advocacy) 
** other articles in other magazines .. I don’t have the links but I also wrote for Linux Magazine and Linux 
Journal (before they shut down)

-Advocacy and outreach: Speaking at conferences and events about GNOME. Including:
** "Usability testing in open source software." (About GNOME usability testing) Technical Communication 
Webinar Series: Usability Testing. University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, Minnesota. March 14, 2019.
** "Usability testing in open source software." (About GNOME usability testing) SeaGL. Seattle, Washington. 
November 10, 2018.
** Usability testing in open source software. (About GNOME usability testing) Kieler Open Source und Linux 
Tage 2017. Kiel, Germany. September 15, 2017.

-Advocacy and outreach(professional)
** I am an adjunct professor for Metro State University (part of Minnesota State system) where I teach MIS. 
In Fall 2019, I included a unit on Linux, including a deep dive and demo of GNOME

-General outreach: GNOME and usability
** my blog is currently down so I can relocate it, but normally it is at 

-Future contributions(plans)
** I am planning an article series to run in OpenSource.com in Fall 2020 and Winter 2020/2021 where I 
highlight additional features of GNOME
** I am in the process of being hired at another media company as a contributing writer (specific topic: 
Linux and open source), and I am planning several articles to feature and highlight GNOME. That media company 
does not currently feature GNOME, so this will be a big win.

Allan Day can vouch for my Outreachy work
I don’t know if Clarissa is a Foundation member yet, but if so, she can vouch for me too
I interviewed Emmanuele Bassi for the GNOME article on OpenSource.com

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