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Contact Information

Full Name: Regina Nkemchor Adejo
Email:     nkemregina AT gmail.com

SSH key:     ssh-rsa 

Mail alias: Yes
Mail alias username: nkemregina
Jabber Account: Yes

Contributions Summary:
Hello Gnome Family,

My name is Regina.  I am writing to apply for the Gnome  Foundation membership.
I started my contribution to the Gnome foundation during the planning of the Linux app summit 2019 which was 
held in Barcelona, Spain. I contributed remotely before, during and after the event.  I contributed by 
developing a social media strategy  that will make the event more visible for future attendees. My 
contribution online  can be seen via the telegram group and https://gitlab.com/linuxappsummit/las-2019/issue. 
I achieved this by working with the team  on ground at the event . I collated and edited the interview videos 
and posted them on the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjSsbz2TDxIxBEarbDzNQ4w. I also worked on 
After the event,  I joined the diversity and inclusion group where I shared my idea on how we can adopt more 
people from other parts of the  world including Africa as Gnome Foundation contributors. This  birthed my  
idea of  organizing the PAN African Gnome summit in NIIT Port Harcourt, Nigeria which is the first of its 
kind in Nigeria, Africa. The event is  to be held on the 20th of march 2020. I got an approval from the 
institution for the set date and planning is ongoing
I joined the university outreach group, where we share ideas on how to create awareness for   Gnome through 
event organization in  university institutions in other parts of the world where Gnome is not  visible.
Also, I   collated and edited the Gnome newcomers guide videos on the Gnome foundation YouTube Channel. 
On the 20th february 2020,  I will be representing Gnome at the open source festival in Lagos, where I will 
be speaking on the Gnome desktop while using this opportunity to raise awareness for the upcoming PAN African 
Gnome summit.

It has being an exciting journey for me  to be a  volunteer at the Gnome foundation and being a member will 
make me  a part of the  people  making valuable contribution  to building a  community of free software 

Best Regards,

Nuritzi Sanchez nuritzis gmail com
Sri Ramkrishna, sriram ramkrishna gmail com
Kristi Progri, kprogri gnome org

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