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Title: GitLab

Maryann Onuoha created an issue #35:

Personal details

  1. Full Name: Onuoha Maryann Chiamaka
  2. Permanent e-mail address : maryannonuoha901 gmail com
  3. SSH public key : ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCGBjt8sRKXJI59NBQ8o2tNr+Kw+SIlGGXK03ImrujKWvAEVhg+YSTlY34GN7MyJVnkZWF+r401/6Qi9d55rpvbQbm2sVl4jyG8f6zRMGO+UI/Gb+w5EJD7aT4NAu81jfUEs1ayqMRWOK6lpkRpA+iVcmJihbBc/9vZqMmv8J01GO2JlDWtsja1e7ZGf7mq5/yegpisbSjbDEwEifmGQ4wnlpx+ptBvhpkRUWLoc2YFVNyvI11hIMKd3cM1KXJCbp3WfeYS+qPGWwtw37I0u6gTgIoxJOp9mgQ0nhTOnLFqxhjfJwASMWg/4PsA1LWdKiaNwd6CMYabAH4TQ2/JG+mV
  4. Desired account name: Maryann.Onuoha

If you own a GNOME Account already, please provide your account name (UID) instead of providing the above requested information.

Gnome Username: Maryann.Onuoha


Being a GNOME Foundation member takes in several benefits. One of them being an alias which matches the desired account name as provided above. The alias will then point to the e-mail you specified above as your permanent e-mail address.

Other benefits and ways to have them available to you are available here.


Becoming a Foundation member requires the applicant to have made a non-trivial amount of contributions to any of the GNOME Project contribution categories including code, translations, advocacy, infrastructure, outreach and documentation. Processing will be much quicker if you provide links. Please tell us whether you were an existing Foundation member or have done something relevant for the GNOME Foundation in the past.

I'm Maryann Onuoha, I joined the Gnome Foundation six months ago, through the engagement team. For the past six months I've been expanding the Gnome Foundation project in Africa through social media platforms and word of mouth. i manage the Twitter, telegram and WhatsApp platforms by sharing news and planning the Gnome Africa events. I increased our twitter followers by 5 percent and because of this increase I helped create a Telegram and WhatsApp group where we have over 50 plus member's from various African countries who are interested in the Gnome Foundation projects. During GUADEC , I helped the team in Africa by keeping track of the speakers talk up updating them about what a particular session is talking about, when it started and when it ended. I also created an enagement on Gnome Africa Twitter handle . Also, I'm currently contributing to the scalable onboarding process by heping newcomers onboard better into gnome


It helps us processing your application faster if you could quote (via @username) existing GNOME maintainers or contributors who could vouch for you and your contributions.

Sorry please, I couldn't find their usernames so I used their full name.

  1. Regina Nkemchor
  2. Sri Ram Krishna
  3. Kristi Pogri.

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