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Contact Information

Full Name: Jan Lukas Gernert
Email:     jangernert AT gmail.com

SSH key:     ssh-rsa 
 jangernert gmail com

Mail alias: Yes
Mail alias username: jangernert
Jabber Account: No

Contributions Summary:
I haven't contributed a ton to core GNOME projects. Only the occasional small PR to elementary projects a few 
years back and a small PR to gtk-rs recently: https://github.com/gtk-rs/gtk/pull/885. Most of my time was 
spent developing the RSS reader "FeedReader" which by now is a relatively popular 3rd party GNOME 
application: https://jangernert.github.io/FeedReader/
Around 1,5 years ago I started to rewrite the whole project from scratch in Rust under the new name 
"NewsFlash": https://gitlab.com/news-flash. It is still not ready for a first release, but already quite 
usable and has flatpak packages for every commit to give it a try.
The main reason for this application is a reaction to this blog post: 
I would like to set up small blog, apply to be part of planet GNOME and introduce NewsFlash and post 
development updates from time to time.
Not a contribution, but can't hurt mentioning it: This year I spent my private summer vacation to fly out to 
Thessaloniki and be part of GUADEC.

Bilal Elmoussaoui (bil elmoussaoui gmail com) is one of the few helping hands that keeps contributing to 
FeedReader and set up the flatpak pipeline for NewsFlash. He encouraged me to apply for a foundation 

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