Your GNOME Foundation Membership

Dear Reynaldo Humberto Verdejo Pinochet,

from our records it seems your GNOME Foundation Membership is about to expire within
four (4) weeks starting from today as it was las renewed on 2017-11-21 (YYYY-MM-DD).
Membership duration is currently set to be two years.

If you want to continue being a member of the GNOME Foundation please make sure to submit
a renewal request at If you did
so already, please ignore this e-mail and wait for the GNOME Foundation Membership
Committee to get back to you.

More details on when your membership was last renewed can be found on your profile page
at under the 'Last Renewed on date' field.

In the case you feel your contributions would not be enough for the membership
renewal to happen you can apply for the Emeritus status:

Additionally, please give a look at the Membership benefits:

  The GNOME Membership and Elections Committee

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