Re: Ideas for improving GNOME board elections


On Fri, 2019-05-03 at 09:29 +0100, Allan Day wrote:
Some of the areas we are interested in improving are:
Increasing engagement and discussion around the elections, in
particular with more debate and discussion.
Ensuring that the elections are accessible, so that everyone is able
to cast their votes in an informed manner.
Ensuring clarity over which candidacies are valid.

These are laudable goals.
Do you think we're falling short of achieving those?

We've discussed some ideas for how to improve in these areas,
Having a template that candidates have to fill in, with short
questions on subjects like availability, relevant expertise and
personal priorities.
I think this is a perfect question an interested member can ask, if they
so desire.

Making all the candidacy statements available in one place, such as a
web page (ideally linked from the voting page)
good idea.
Fortunately, we have that.

Have prepared questions that are pitched to the candidates, possibly
written by the existing board or outgoing board members
Or by anybody else who is interested in doing that.
Fortunately, we have such a phase for asking questions in the schedule.
Anybody is free and encouraged to send out prepared questions. Even
unprepared ones.

Having the membership committee advertise the time (and time zone) of
the deadline for candidacy announcements, and possibly have them
validate the candidacies
Good idea.
We think we have that.
Do you not think so?


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