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Contact Information

Full Name: Gaurav Agrawal
Email:     agrawalgaurav1999 AT gmail.com

SSH key:     ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIKJoDvooX3ORlw2oEo5oBe72OyFkKiXMHpnsIL0SdMcJ 
agrawalgaurav1999 gmail com

Mail alias: Yes
Mail alias username: agrawalgaurav1999
Jabber Account: No

Contributions Summary:

I am a GSOC 2019 student with Gnome Gitg.

I was introduced to FOSS by Albfan, I started hacking from Gitg only, now as my GSOC is over I am looking 
forward to contributed to other projects as well, mainly C based as so far I have done only VALA ones.
I also hack along with Adwait Rawat, where we both started hacking on Gnome together, and we helped each 
other solving bugs sometimes.

I am an active Gnome engagement team member, I attend engagement teams regularly since when I joined the team 
2 months ago. 


I have joined Gnome Inclusion and Diversity Team as well, where I help them in Wiki improvement and 
participate in Discussions.
I also participate in D&I meetings regularly.

I also wrote a blog for the diversity team, posted by Molly DB on the engagement blog.

I participate in the newcomers initiative with Carlos Soriano, Alberto Fanjul, and Felipe, where I did the 
newcomers wiki testing and many improvements.

I frequently improve wiki's across the project where needed.

I also report bugs and participate in discussions where needed and most importantly bugs related to the 
newcomers wiki as we do not want newcomers to face any difficulties following the wiki.
The bugs can be followed by my username @gaurav1999 on gitlab.gnome.org.

These are some of the improvements I made to gnome builder to make sure it's updated with out Newcomers wiki:-

And, one more improvement in gnome-games, to make their docs newcomers friendly:- 

I try to learn many things here, folks are really supportive here, recently Britt in engagement team gave me 
a task to do an Interview for the engagement blog, that made me learn so much, and it's going to be posted on 
our engagement's blog soon :)

I also am working as  a co-organizer for the newcomer's workshop  at our GUADEC 2019, sadly I did not got the 
visa :( 
Where I and Felipe Designed this survey :- https://surveys.gnome.org/index.php/843941 

I wish we organize one in Gnome.Asia this year, we have submitted a request! (Fingers crossed )
https://schedule.guadec.org/speakers/338 (Britt said, he wish to add me as I helped organized the workshop)

I am so glad to found Gnome as my first Org, and I think it will be the only one. Made many friends here. 
It's made me realized more then what software we develop here it's the people and our culture as an society 
which matters. And it's really lovely here :-)

Thanks and Regards

nuritzi gnome org
felipeborges gnome org
albfan gnome org
adwaitrawat gnome org
kprogri gnome org
exalm7659 gmail com

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