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Contact Information

Full Name: Max Huang
Email:     sakanamax AT gmail.com

Mail alias: No
Mail alias username: 
Jabber Account: No

Contributions Summary:
Nick:        sakana
Blog:        http://sakananote2.blogspot.com/ ( Chinese ) 
                http://sakananote2english.blogspot.com/ (English)
Web:       https://live.gnome.org/ChunHungHuang

I have contributed to GNOME for the past 8  years.  Promote  free software and GNU/linux at school in Taiwan.

I am one of GNOME.Asia Committee Advisors member, work with GNOME.Asia team. 

* Organize GNOME.Asia summit 2018 in Taipei, co-host with openSUSE.Asia and COSCUP.
* GNOME Travel committee tasks.

* Organize GNOME.Asia summit 2017 in Chongqing
* Organize openSUSE.Asia summit 2017 in Tokyo
* GNOME Travel committee tasks.

* Organize GNOME.Asia summit 2016 in India.
* Organize openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 in Indonesia.
* GNOME Travel committee tasks.

* Organize GNOME.Asia summit 2015 in Indonesia.
* Organize openSUSE.Asia Summit 2015 in Taipei.
* GNOME Travel committee tasks.

* Organize GNOME.Asia summit 2014 in Beijing.
* Organize openSUSE.Asia Summit 2014 in Beijing.
* GNOME Travel committee tasks.

* Organize GNOME.Asia summit 2013 in South Korea.

* Organize GNOME.Asia  summit 2012 in Hong Kong.
* Co-work with openSUSE / KDE, have conference with COSCUP in Taiwan. (http://coscup.org/2012/en/program/) 

*  Went to Bangalore, India  ( http://2011.gnome.asia ), Learn how to host gnome booth, start making GNOME 
User video with summit. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KUKaBKqWF8)
* Program Committee member in COSCUP to invite GNOME hacker to conference.  (Xan López and Bastien Nocera). 

*   Meet Pockey and Emily. Take the conference host for GNOME.Asia 2010 with COSCUP ( 
http://coscup.org/2010/en/ ).  
*  Create GNOME Taiwan Users Group, have a lot of  workshop with gtk and organize gnome 3 launch party with 
Beijin and Hong Kong.

Thank you for considering me.

Emily Chen - emilychen522 gmail com
BinLi - binli gnome org

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