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Contact Information

Full Name: Pravin Satpute
Email:     pravin.d.s AT

Mail alias: Yes
Mail alias username: pravins
Jabber Account: No

Contributions Summary:
I am existing Gnome member and contributing actively for latest
developments from internationalization. Present activities going on
Automated testing for OSK and Flatpaks language part.


[Application received at Mon Jul 16 15:51:07 2018 (Eastern time)]

If you have any questions, you can contact the Membership Committee by
replying to this mail. Please note that it usually takes up to a week
for an application to be fully processed.


got a couple of pointers to recent git commits or translations at [1]?

Contributions Summary:
* My accepted patches
* My patches under review
** 350132       (#146164)       pango   patch for handling indic NFC
backspacing doesn't work properly for Arabic
* Bugs reported by me
** 704458       pango   NEW     nor     Accent printed on next letter with
Liberation Mono font
** 631585       gtk+    NEW     nor     last character of word getting cut
** 627027       pango   NEW     nor     rendering is incorrect for
characters belonging to G_UNICODE_SCRIPT_INHERITED
** 602694       gnome-tweak-tool        NEW     enh     RFE:
appearance-font.c: const char *string1 = "abcfgop AO "; should be
** 597884       metacity        NEW     nor     when we scale font with
fontconfig rule, titilebar border not get adjusted accordingly
* Gnome Asia summit 2016

Anish Patil, Daiki Ueno, Patrick Uiterwijk, Ekaterina Gerasimova, Matthias
Clasen, Tobias Mueller, Shobha Tyagi, David King

Pravin Satpute

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