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On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 11:00 PM, Andrea Veri via RT
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On Fri Feb 02 14:14:33 2018, happyaron xu gmail com wrote:
I'm the only guy still committing translations for Chinese (China) in
the mean time.

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 12:11 AM, Andrea Veri via RT
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On Mon Nov 20 12:12:41 2017, happyaron xu gmail com wrote:
Hi Tong Hui,

At least I'm still working on GNOME localization. You shouldn't ask
to move to emeritus status because there was quite some time I
pick up translations you have submitted to l10n site.


On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 8:00 PM, Tong Hui via RT
<membership-applications gnome org> wrote:
Hi Aron,

How about apply for GNOME Emeritus Membership, please see detail

Members of the Foundation are required to be actively contributing
Project. None of the contacts that you provided were able to
that you
are currently contributing to the required level.

If there is any evidence or contacts that were not included in
renewal application, please provide them so that we can reevaluate
our decision.
We will be more than happy to renew your membership as soon as we
evidence of your recent contributions to GNOME!

Thanks for your patience and interest in the GNOME Foundation.

Best wishes,

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

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Hey Aron,

can you please point us to your recent contributions so we can move
forward and renew your membership?


GNOME Sysadmin Team Coordinator
GNOME Accounts Team
GNOME Membership & Elections Committee Chairman
Former GNOME Foundation Board of Directors Secretary

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can you please point me to your recent commits?


A search in our mailing list is probably easier to illustrate my
activity, which are the notifications from when I mark
a translation is finally pushed to git:!searchin/i18n-zh/DL$20%E6%99%AE%E9%80%9A$20aron%7Csort:date

For which there will be at least one commit corresponding to each of
the messages. Translations are processed in batch, so that in a short
period there could be a big number of commits, and the next batch will
be processed a longer time later. Batch processing happens around
major release time or its first stable update, most of the pending
translations are reviewed and cleared from queue, master translations
are merged back to older release whenever appropriate. An exception
could be gimp and friends, people recently asked me that I neglected
it for some time already...

Aron Xu

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