Re: Your GNOME Foundation Membership

Thanks for the reply Andrea,

In my application I had requested mhall119 as my email alias, would it be possible to change it to that?

On 04/10/2018 09:40 AM, Andrea Veri wrote:

your alias is expected to be mhall gnome org redirecting to the email
address you specified on your application.


2018-04-09 20:05 GMT+02:00 Michael Hall <mhall119 gmail com>:
Hello all,

It seems that my email alias, mhall119 gnome org, has not been created yet.
Is there something I need to do to move that forward?

On 03/23/2018 07:49 PM, GNOME Foundation Membership Committee wrote:
Dear Michael Hall,

Congratulations, you are now a member of the GNOME Foundation! Welcome,
thank you for supporting GNOME. Your name has joined those of the rest of
Foundation Membership:

As a member of the Foundation, you are able to vote in the elections of
Board of Directors, and you can also put yourself forward as a candidate
the Board. There are many other benefits to being a member, including
your blog on Planet GNOME, a email address, an Owncloud
your own blog hosted within the GNOME Infrastructure and the ability to
for travel subsidies. A full list of the benefits and the guidelines to
them is available at:

While all the available benefits can be obtained on demand by looking at
the above
URL, email aliases are automatically created within 24 hours
from the
arrival of this email on your INBOX. Instructions for correctly setting up
email alias can be found at the following link:

If you are interested in managing your Foundation Membership information
where your alias is supposed to forward to) and you didn't have
Account before today, please get in touch with the GNOME Accounts Team at
<accounts gnome org>.
Existing GNOME Account owners can reset their password with the following

     ssh -l mhall

And login at:

To help you stay informed about GNOME Foundation events, we have
subscribed you
to the foundation-announce mailing list, where all the major GNOME
announcements are sent. It is a low volume list and does not allow
to post emails. If you would like to read the archives you can do so here:

We also encourage you to subscribe to the foundation-list mailing
list. It is used to discuss any issue relating to the GNOME Foundation.
This is
the place for you to suggest ideas and voice your opinions on issues
to the GNOME Foundation. To subscribe or read the archives, go to:

We also highly encourage you to introduce yourself to the members by
writing to foundation-list. Please list your contributions and write a
little about yourself, if you like :-)

We have a map of contributors on our wiki. If you want others to be able
to find
you, you may add yourself to the list. This might be a good opportunity to
other contributors in your area:

For more information about the GNOME Foundation, visit the GNOME
web page at:

Thank you for all your great work as a member of the GNOME community.

Best wishes,

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

Michael Hall
mhall119 gmail com

membership-committee mailing list
membership-committee gnome org

Michael Hall
mhall119 gmail com

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