[gnome.org #15964] Your GNOME Foundation Membership: we need some more information

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for applying to become a member of the GNOME Foundation! In order to 
process your application, we need a bit more information.

It would help us to process your membership application if you could tell us a 
bit more about any recent contributions that you have made to GNOME. Once you 
have provided this we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Be aware that your membership application and any further interaction in this
process is publicly available in our mail-list archives.

Best wishes,
Kunal Jain
The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

On Sat Mar 31 15:35:56 2018, foundationmembershipcommittee wrote:
Contact Information

Full Name: Daniel Mustieles GarcĂ­a
Email:     daniel.mustieles AT gmail.com

Mail alias: No
 Mail alias username:
Jabber Account: No

Contributions Summary:
Spanish translation team coordinator, i18n team coordinator, Planet
GNOME's editor and current Foundation member


[Application received at Sat Mar 31 15:35:54 2018 (Eastern time)]

If you have any questions, you can contact the Membership Committee by
replying to this mail. Please note that it usually takes up to a week
for an application to be fully processed.

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