[gnome.org #15632] Application received from Mandy Wang (wangmychn AT gmail.com)

Hi Mandy,

Could you please provide a valid account name? Due to you provided mail alias name (mandymy), did not matches 
GNOME name policy, please update it. 

Make sure the account name (mail alias) matches the GNOME naming policy 

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

在2017-五月-26 10:11:58 星期五时,foundationmembershipcommittee写到:
Contact Information

Full Name: Mandy Wang
Email:     wangmychn AT gmail.com

Mail alias: Yes
Mail alias username: mandymy
Jabber Account: Yes

Contributions Summary:
I'm an alum of GNOME in the last round of Outreachy, and I've
completed my internship, you can learn more at my blog:

After that, I continue to make contribution to Chinese localization,
you can check it at: https://l10n.gnome.org/users/Mandy/, I did a lot
of translation for v3.22 and v3.24. And I updated the guideline of
Chinese localization:

Also, I've reported some bugs and patchs:

Thank you!

Tong Hui <tonghuix gmail com>
Bin Li <libin charles gmail com>
Aron Xu <aronxu gnome org>

[Application received at Fri May 26 10:11:55 2017 (Eastern time)]

If you have any questions, you can contact the Membership Committee by
replying to this mail. Please note that it usually takes up to a week
for an application to be fully processed.

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