Re: [ #15062] Your GNOME Foundation Membership: we need some more information

Hey, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately the summer has been hard on me and I didn't have much 
time to contribute to GNOME, so my contributions, beside bug reports, 
have been only in regards to my "maintainership" of 
gnome-themes-standard. My changes will probably land in 3.22.1 due to a 
stupid error of mine. Right now the changes are updates to follow the 
3.22 design changes, a dark theme, improved compatibility and general 
file improvements. All the changes are still at:


I do however try to be in contact with lapo regards to the theme and I 
hope to start contributing more to it soon, but I also try to make 
other things look GNOME-y, e.g. with adwaita-qt with which I've been 
experimenting quite a lot (but the changes aren't yet published).


Dňa Piatok, 23. september 2016 o 08:28, Kunaal Jain via RT 
<membership-applications gnome org> napísal(a):
Dear Juraj Fiala,

Thank you for applying to become a member of the GNOME Foundation! In 
order to
process your application, we need a bit more information.

It would help us to process your membership application if you could 
tell us a
bit more about any recent contributions that you have made to GNOME. 
Once you
have provided this we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Best wishes,

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

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This message was sent via Request Tracker.

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