Has my membership renewal application been received ?

Dear Membership Committee,

I have been relatively inactive for a couple of years while busy with
other endevours which is why I did not renew my membership last round. 

Recently however my situation has changed and have started to get back
into maintaining Glade and making other miscellaneous patches, I am
also trying to work out whether my new employer will fund my trip to
the DX hackfest in Brussels, so, as I would like to get involved more
again I did fill out and submit the form here around one month ago:


Is it possible that there was some technical error in receiving my
application ?

I usually leave some time elapse in my communications with gnome
committees as I understand everyone is a volunteer and I dont mean to
add any burden to the work you are doing.

Please let me know if my application has been received or if you would
like me to submit it again.

Best Regards,

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