Re: Memberships needing renewal (2016-8)


Just checking, I expected my membership to come due soon (actually, it
feels overdue) - just checking that I did not miss the boat - can you
tell me when my membership is up for renewal, please?


On 08/15/2016 07:59 PM, GNOME Foundation Membership Committee wrote:


as per point 1.3 of [1], here it comes a list of members in need of a
renew in case they didn't receive their individual e-mail:

First name Last name, (Last renewed on)

Greg Kroah-Hartman, 2014-08-04
Matthew Barnes, 2014-08-05
Fabiana Pedreira Simões, 2014-08-05
Olav Vitters, 2014-08-05

The Renewal form can be found at [2].

   GNOME Membership and Elections Committee


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