Re: Voting instructions contains unaliased email address

Hey Christian,

this year's voting instructions were generated by taking the mail field from LDAP for each of the Foundation members. While in your case in the previous years the email address listed on your token was your alias that wasn't the case for many other members that simply had a different email registered for their membership on the database.

Additionally it was pretty rare to see members having their alias registered under their membership "account" as they were suggested to include a permanent email address when they filed their membership application for the first time. It's true some members from time to time decided to get in touch with the committee requesting a change for their email address, but again that was the minority.

That said your email address has not been shared with anyone else outside the Sysadmin Team and the token is privately sent to your address as it was in the previous years. Not sure how that would affect your privacy.

Have an awesome day!

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Il 02/giu/2015 08:22 PM, "Christian Persch" <chpe gnome org> ha scritto:

in previous years, the email/token in the "Voting instructions" email
used to look like this:

   E-mail: chpe gnome org

i.e. using my email.

However, this year's email instead uses the email address that my
chpe gnome org email *forwards* *to*. That's rather concerning to me,
since the forwarding address should be private and not visible for
anyone outside the sysadmins, IMO.

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