Re: [ #14942] Application received from Gabriele Musco (emaildigabry AT

Thanks for the quick reply. I imagined my application wouldn't have been
accepted, but I just hoped it was that easy to join the foundation. I will
surely keep working on contributing to GNOME in as many ways as I can, and,
who knows, maybe not so far in the future I will have the chance to be
joining you!
Thanks again for your attention, and stay awesome.
Il 29/ago/2015 03:18 PM, "Andrea Veri via RT" <
membership-applications gnome org> ha scritto:

Dear Gabriele,

Thank you for applying to become a member of the Foundation. It is
that you want to join the Foundation!

Having examined your applicationthe Foundation Membership Committee has
decided that you are not quite ready to become a Foundation Member at this
moment in time.

Members of the Foundation are required to have made a valuable
contribution to
the project, and should be planning to actively contribute in the future.
we recognize your existing efforts, we feel that you need to gain more
experience working on GNOME before you join the Foundation. Unfortunately,
contributions to the mLauncher app can not be taken into account for the
GNOME Foundation.

We really want you to become a Foundation member, and strongly encourage
you to
reapply once you have gained some more experience working on the project.
you have any questions about this decision, please feel free to contact us
emailing membership-committee gnome org

If you disagree with this decision, you can appeal by emailing the Board of
Directors at board gnome org 

Thanks for your patience and interest in the GNOME Foundation, and
please reapply!

Best wishes,

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

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This message was sent via Request Tracker.

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