Re: [ #13922] GNOME Membership Application of Parin Porecha

Hi Pedro,

sorry for the late answer. Parin is a very active student. He joined 
Getting Things GNOME! (GTG) project earlier this year (I think it was 
January or February). He fixed couple non-trivial bugs and feature 
requests, e.g. setting of a hotkey for adding a new task into GTG using 
gconf and gsettings.

Before summer he made an impressive GSoC proposal: Online version of 
Getting Things GNOME! He came up with a working prototype before start 
of GTG. During GSoC he polished and added missing features to the 
website. Nowadays, he communicate with couple fans who think about using 
the web + GTG as self-hosted task management system.

After GSoC Parin stayed with the community and effectively became one of 
the maintainers of GTG. At the moment he prepares an ideal project for 
OPW which he would like to mentor:

GNOME needs such a young, passionate and committed members as Parin!


On 08/10/13 13:51, Pedro Villavicencio via RT wrote:
Dear Izidor and Lionel,

The GNOME Membership Committee is about to process Parin Porecha
application to become a GNOME Foundation Member and therefore need some
feedback about the applicant and their work on GNOME, both past and

Remember that vouching for a contributor means you really think the
applicant is committed to GNOME and will carry on contributing in the
future, and that you trust the applicant and their work. If unsure about
vouching or not, please let us know why you don't feel comfortable
enough in advocating this applicant.

For further details about the applicant, feel free to have a look at the
their application at the following link:


The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

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This message was sent via Request Tracker.

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