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Contact Information

Full Name: Jim Campbell
Email:     jcampbell AT gnome.org

Mail alias: No
Mail alias username: 
Jabber Account: No

Contributions Summary:

I am seeking to renew my membership with the GNOME foundation. My areas of contribution have been in both 
documentation and advocacy. Here are notes regarding my contributions:

- Primary author and maintainer of gedit docs
- Organized and wrote numerous topics for Rhythmbox docs
- Significant contributions to the WIP-branch of Seahorse docs (currently being led-up by Aruna)
- Wrote the majority of help topics relating to GNOME's new privacy settings
- Had documentation patches accepted for Deja-Dup (the backup application used in many GNOME-based distros), 
bringing its help more in line with that of other GNOME applications.
- Revised how application help tasks are tracked on the docs-team wiki, making it easier for contributors to 
see the status of application help, quickly find documentation bugs, and also clone application source code.

- Presented on GNOME 3.8 and the larger GNOME project at the Flourish open source conference in Chicago 
(April, 2013), focusing on how the GNOME project was adding more user-oriented features to the desktop, and 
describing how GNOME was a worthwhile project to contribute to. [0,1,2]
- Co-organized GNOME-related hackfests in Chicago throughout 2012 and 2013 [3,4], promoting GNOME amongst 
FLOSS users and facilitating GNOME / GTK development amongst interested contributors.
-- Though not every the member of the Chicago Linux community in Chicago worked on GNOME as part of these 
hackfests, both Meg Ford and myself used these times to work on our GNOME projects, and we also encouraged 
budding contributors. One person worked on Go-GTK bindings for several of our hackfests. Another person 
worked on the new GNOME-Music application (though I think that this was when GNOME-Music was still a 
GJS-based application).
-- We plan to continue these hackfests in Chicago, promoting GNOME and Free software amongst GNU/Linux users 
and developers in Chicago.

I very much enjoy being a part of the GNOME community and think that GNOME is a valuable and worthwhile 
project. Thank you for your consideration of my application for renewed membership, and please let me know if 
you have any questions.



[0] Link to Flourish website: http://flourishconf.com/2013/speaker_details.php?id=7#t8
[1] Flourish Presentation slides: 
[2] Corresponding video files used as part of the Flourish presentation: 
[3] List of meetings of the Chicago GNU/Linux User Group: http://chicagolug.org/meetings/
[4] Blog:  http://j1m.net

*Note: I do wish to keep my @gnome.org email alias and jabber account, but I haven't marked it above. I 
already use it, so I wasn't sure if I needed to mark that box.

Meg Ford: meg387 gmail com
Shaun McCance: shaunm gnome org

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