Re: New Foundation Members


don't worry, I'll announce you at the next run (I personally send a
mail when we reach 10 new Foundation members and you were accepted the
day after I mailed foundation-list with the announce), your approval
is waiting on our queue. [1]




2012/10/4 Bertrand Rousseau <bertrand rousseau gmail com>:


I see that I am not mentioned in this list although I received another mail
10 days ago claiming that I have been accepted as new foundation member
(which I'm really glad to be, btw!). I'm also listed as such on

It's maybe due to a small oversight, or maybe I'll be included later in
another list, I don't know. However, since I was about to write a short
introduction mail to other foundation members, I'd like to be sure
everything was in order about my membership status.

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