Re: Potential conflict of interest in the currenct elections

On Tue, 29 May 2012, Germán Póo-Caamaño wrote:

Dear Tobias and Membership Committee,

The board has concerns that the current elections are being ran (or at
least announced) by one of the candidates in this election.  Even though
we trust Tobias and we appreciate his work, the current situation
presents a conflict of interest that could be challenged.

In order to warranty the transparency, we kindly request the Membership
and Election Committee to address this concern.  We suggests Tobias to
abstain of participating actively in this election process as member of
the Membership and Election Committee until the results were made
public. However, you might have a better approach in mind or a different
opinion, in case whose we would be interested to know.

We hope you understand our concerns.

From what I see and as you pointed out Tobias prepared (published the 
pages at vote.g.o, sent the ballots) the relevant infrastructure to
allow the elections to take place since he has the needed accesses
to modify the Foundation DB. (that kind of access is restricted to me
and Tobias for security reasons)

That said, I'll take care of the remaining bureaucracy from now on. 
(i.e checking results, publishing results, announcing the winners 



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