Re: My membership doesn't appear

On Mon, 28 May 2012, Jose Angel Diaz Diaz wrote:


 I'm member of GNOME since 2004 and suddenly the last month i've received from Tobias to renew my 
subscription. I've done it by the web interface, but 
when i'm looking for voting my name doesn't appear in the membership web. ¿What i'ts wrong?
 I'm the president of GNOME Hispano and work on Linex project working with the desktop. My acount name it's 
Jose Angel Diaz Diaz. My email at it's joseadiaz gnome org

What can i do about this problem?

We never received a renewal request from you as you can see at our 
mail archives. [1]

I also see your name at [2] and you should have probably received an 
individual mail from our script to alert you to renew your membership 
in time.

You won't be able to vote for this elections but just submit your 
renewal at [3] and we'll process it as soon as the elections will end.




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