Re: Memberships needing renewal (2012-06)

On Sun, 03 Jun 2012, GNOME Membership and Elections Committee wrote:

as per point 1.3 of [1], here it comes a list of members in need of a
renew in case they didn't receive their individual e-mail:
First name, Last name (Last renewed on)
 * Lucas, Rocha (2010-06-10)
 * Jaap, Haitsma (2010-06-10)
 * John, Carr (2010-06-10)
 * Mart, Raudsepp (2010-06-10)
 * Andre, Klapper (2010-06-29)
 * David, Zeuthen (2010-06-29)
 * Emmanuel, Pacaud (2010-06-29)
 * Zeeshan, Ali Khattak (2010-06-29)
 * Edward, Hervey (2010-06-29)
 * Tim, Janik (2010-06-29)
The Renewal form can be found at [2].
  GNOME Membership and Elections Committee

Tobias, the output looks fine, I've sent the same e-mail to 
foundation-list using your script. Would you mind updating your cron 
job to send the mail directly to f-list from the next month?



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