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This is forward of transaction #167634 of a ticket #12578
Hey Simon :-)

thanks for applying as a GNOME Foundation Member.

Contribuitions Summary:
a recent bug contribution:

The link to the bug is very good and helpful. But can you elaborate on
your contributions list?

And while providing contacts is not necessary, it makes our work much
easier, so I ask you to provide contacts and their details.

Looking forward to your input,

Hi Tobi,

I have been contributing to the pygobject project. For example I 
provided the patch of 669264 [1]. I finalized Tomeuâs/Johnâs patches for 
(663052 [2] and 644926 [3]) as well a few days ago, and have been 
participating at the related hackfests [4] and [5]. That is why I 
thought Tomeu Vizoso (tomeu vizoso collabora co uk) who is a pygobject 
contributor and GNOME member would be a good contact.

Just a few days ago I have been contributing to the GTK+ hackfest in 
Brno [6].

I am a Sugar [7] maintainer and developer working for OLPC [8]. We are 
actually using the GNOME stack to build our learning platform, I gave a 
talk about that interaction a few days ago [9]. I would like to foster 
that relationship. So I think a first step is to become a member of 
GNOME and as well I hope to share experiences when using the GNOME stack 
with blog posts and keep the community updated on progress in this 
"GNOME spin" and keep on contributing as a developer.

I hope this gives a better insight.



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