Re: [ #12500] GNOME Membership Application of Juan A. Suarez

On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 4:36 PM, Pedro Villavicencio via RT
<membership-applications gnome org> wrote:
Dear Bastien Nocera and Zeeshan Ali,

The GNOME Membership Committee is about to process Juan A. Suarez's
application to become a GNOME Foundation Member and therefore we would
like to receive some feedback about the applicant and the GNOME-related
(past and present contributions are usually fine)

Please remember that vouching for a contributor means you really think
he/she deserves to be a Foundation Member and that you trust the
applicant and their
work for the global GNOME community.

From my experience with Juan (through Grilo and MAFW projects mainly),
my impression about him is that he is very dedicated towards improving
GNOME in any way he can and is an awesome guy as a person too.
Definitely someone to work and hang-out with, i-e a perfect gnomie so
yes, I vouch for him.


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
FSF member#5124

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