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Contact Information:
Name: Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse
E-mail: jasper AT humppa.nl
git.gnome.org username (if any): jasperla

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Since 2007 I have been working on GNOME in OpenBSD and in 2008 I assumed
maintainership for all GNOME related parts in OpenBSD. This currently means that (together with ajacoutot 
openbsd) I maintain roughly 200 ports.
This eventually evolved into my own one-man company where I am employed
to maintain and package GNOME on OpenBSD. All of that work has been directly given back to OpenBSD and GNOME. 
In 2007 I gave a short presentation about this on an OpenBSD conference in Venice: 
http://openbsd.org/papers/opencon07-gnome.pdf .

In the past years I have been actively contributing patches to bugzilla to help with projects portability to 
non-Linux platforms, and to OpenBSD in particular. Among many committed patches this resulted in receiving 
write access to git.gnome.org earlier this year. One of my main contributions has been to implement a 
separate OpenBSD backend for libgtop, as well as committing various patches from other BSD contributors to 

Colin Walters <walters AT verbum.org> - Colin vouched for me in order to receive commit access to 
git.gnome.org. I have submitted various patches for various projects to deal with GObject Introspection 
issues, which have been reviewed by Colin. In the absence of an active maintainer for certain projects, Colin 
gave me a green light to commit a patch.

Frederic Peters <fpeters AT 0d.be> and German Poo Caamano <gpoo AT gnome.org> have been working on libgtop 
and as such committed and commented on patches I submitted.

Other comments:
- As mentioned above I am an OpenBSD developer (since 2006) and since 2007 I have been actively working on 
the GNOME2, and more recently GNOME3, ports. Being a recognized developer of both projects would inforce the 
bond and show that the GNOME project values downstream maintainers for non-Linux platforms. As least, that 
how I would see it. 

- For the upcoming September issue of BSD magazine (http://bsdmag.org/) I have written an article on libgtop. 
Here I described the project as well as the efforts of porting it to OpenBSD.

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