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Contact Information:
Name: Alexandre Mazari
E-mail: amazari AT igalia.com
git.gnome.org username (if any): amazari

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

As user of Gnome, I sensibilize whoever I can to free software principle and encourage them to tryout our 
alternatives to proprietary software. Obviously I also believe that our user experience is one of the best.
I contributed a small amount of french translation of developer doc on live.gnome.org while discovering 
myself the platform.
As a developer, I contributed a few patches to GEdit some years ago, mostly related to porting to libunique 
and using the then recently introduced GtkNotebook widget.
I proposed some patches here and there the following years, but nothing that can be considered an active 
since last year, I maintain the SeedKit project whose objective is to facilitate application devs life by 
allowing UIs to be defined in web technologies. Inthe course of its development, I contributed a few patches 
to Seed (the JavasCriptCore GObject binding).

Since last march I am a proud and happy igalian. My duty there is to contribute to webkit-gtk and epiphany, 
while continuing my investigations on the web technologies integration in the SDK.

And I love Gnome.
In the future, I'd like to help further decrease the learning curve for third-party apps developers, working 
on devhelp and GObject integration within Eclipse (I have some knowledge on this platform). Also analyzing 
what makes a good sdk and how android, ios, java tackled the issue. Some blog posts are coming.

Xan Lopez xlopez AT gnome.org, epiphany maintainer, webkit reviewer and kinda my coordinator at igalia.
Gustavo Noronha kov AT gnome.org, epiphany developer, webkit reviewer

Other comments:

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