Re: [ #12152] GNOME Membership Application of Krzesimir Nowak (qdlacz AT

Il giorno mer, 10/08/2011 alle 15.15 +0000, Pedro Villavicencio via RT
ha scritto:
Dear Murray Cumming and Paolo Borelli,

The GNOME Membership Committee is about to process Krzesimir Nowak's
application to become a GNOME Foundation Member and therefore we would
like to receive some feedback about the applicant and the GNOME-related
(past and present contributions are usually fine)

Krzesimir not only maintains gtksourceviewmm, but also made significant
contributions to gtksourceview itself, creating many patches to fix
problems found while creating the C++ bindings.
As far as I know he is also an active contributor to other "g*mm" C++

I think he definitely deserves to be a foundation member.


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