Re: [ #11193] GNOME Foundation Membership - Denied

2010/10/22 Tobias Mueller via RT <membership-applications gnome org>:
Dear Adel,


I regret that I have to turn down your application. You contacts did not
reply and it's not possible for me to assess your contributions. We
highly encourage you to ping your contacts and make them reply.

Who didn't reply? All of them or a specific person?
Might be that I mistyped an email address.

The Membership Committee uses the Membership Policy at to determine eligibility.
Please review this policy if you believe this determination was
made in error. You can send questions to this committee by emailing
membership-committee gnome org

You are free to re-apply at any time if you have additional information
which you feel will help illustrate your eligibility to us.

Given the how long the process takes (6 months) I don't see a reason
to actually bother reapplying.
Even though in this case someone didn't respond I would expect to be
notified about that earlier than half a year after submitting the

Thanks for your patience and interest in the GNOME Foundation.

Well as you might have noticed I am not actually happy with how the
process works and to be honest I didn't even expected to hear anything
from you (i.e this mail).


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