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Contact Information:
Name: William Kahn-Greene
E-mail: willg AT bluesock.org
irc.gnome.org nickname (if any): 
git.gnome.org username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

GNOME Journal article, GNOME Miro Community.

Detailed description:
GNOME Journal article:

I wrote an article on GNOME Miro Community for GNOME Journal in the April 2010 issue.


GNOME Miro Community:

I created and curate the GNOME Miro Community which brings GNOME-related video into a single curated index 
regardless of where the video exists on the Internet.  This will make it easier for the various groups in the 
GNOME community to build video assets and host them according to their needs while reducing the current 
problem where GNOME videos are all over the place and hard to find.

Material in GMC is accessible through the web-site and podcast clients (Banshee, gPodder, Miro, etc.).

One of the useful outcomes of doing this work was pulling in the GUADEC 2009 videos with title, description 
and tag metadata making them easier to find.

Additionally, I'm working with the GNOME Marketing team to make sure that video assets created for and 
promoting GNOME 3.0 work is pulled into GMC to enjoy wider audiences.


Paul Cutler (pcutler AT gnome.org) (GNOME Journal Editor; he suggested I join the GNOME Marketing list)

David Neary (dneary AT gnome.org) (Advice on GNOME Miro Community; he pointed me to additional videos to add)

John Palmieri (john AT redhat.com) (Advice on GNOME Miro Community; he blogged about the site in November 


Other comments:
I'm a developer for Participatory Culture Foundation and work on Miro and related applications.  Miro uses 
GNOME technologies on both GNU/Linux and Windows platforms, so GNOME technologies play a huge role in my 
day-to-day work.

I think my contributions so far are nascent, but I've enjoyed friendships with many GNOME contributors over 
the years, I value the work that GNOME is doing and I want to increasingly be a part of this community.

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