Letter to the board asking things we need.

Hello, Fanta Uva fans!

That's the letter. Please change anything you want (principally my
very bad english skills).



-------------------------------------------------- START

Dear GNOME Foundation board,

The Membership Committee needs some feedback from you on things
related to the Foundation's website and the process to be a Foundation

We had a meeting today and decide to get things more organized. Thus,
we need to know from you if the Membership Committee can be able to
edit Foundation's website and change the application form [1] to
something more simple.

Our plan is to get foundation.gnome.org looking like our gnome.org. Of
course we'll need some help from Website/Art teams.

About the application process, we like to simplify the application
form and make mandatory (actually it's optional) the applicant give to
us the name of two contacts at least. These contacts should be
Foundation members and they will support or not the membership of

As we don't know if we have that autonomy, we're just asking you.

At your service,

GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

[1] http://foundation.gnome.org/membership/application.php

-------------------------------------------------- END

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