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Contact Information:
Name: Jean-FranÃois Fortin Tam
E-mail: nekohayo AT gmail.com
irc.gnome.org nickname (if any): nekohayo
git.gnome.org username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

I am a crazy user interface designer/reviewer, a GNOME user since 2004, and a passionate tester/bug triager. 
I have filed hundreds of bug reports (you may remember me being mentionned in the top gnome bug reporters in 
2009), made thousands of comments, and, with the bug triaging privileges that have recently been bestowed 
upon me, been able to do massive bug triaging in the PiTiVi project. More details on this further below.

I love thinking hard on usability, ergonomics and design that *empowers* users. I have written a couple of 
articles and thought experiments on usability, and I may contribute to the gnome journal in the future, 
depending on Nautilus's and GNOME Shell's evolution. While I don't consider myself as awesome as the folks 
currently doing the groundbreaking, radical rethinking of the desktop for GNOME 3.x, I do consider myself 
well-versed in design, usability, and would like to contribute however I can.

Detailed description:
- https://bugzilla.gnome.org/page.cgi?id=describeuser.html;login=nekohayo gmail com
- Over the course of a year, I filed around 250 bug reports: 
- Once I was given bug triaging superpowers, I transformed PiTiVi's bug list (at the time, an infested 
chaotic mess) into a nicely triaged list of bugs, with proper keywords, priorities, statuses, milestones (see 
also http://jeff.ecchi.ca/blog/2010/02/05/more-bug-triaging/ ). I suggested adding more components for 
triaging in pitivi, which Edward agreed to: http://www.mail-archive.com/pitivi-pitivi lists sourceforge 
- I also reported lots of bugs in Ubuntu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~kiddo/

DESIGN: I touched many projects, especially through bug reports, but my main area of expertise is PiTiVi's 
user interface and workflow interaction. Developers now typically ask for my input for anything UI-related, 
before and during implementation.

DOCUMENTATION: I don't just know how to use PiTiVi. I friggin' *wrote* the manual! I also create release 
screencasts for pitivi (when there's something significant to impress users about). I plan to make a new one 
when we get transitions.

CODE: I usually don't. But I did contribute some minor patches to PiTiVi. I also happen to have created 
Specto (see: http://specto.sf.net) and contributed a few patches here-and-there to other python projects.

TRANSLATIONS: I did some a while ago, but I'm concentrating on my UI advisory and testing role in PiTiVi 
these days. I prefer to leave translations to the awesome GNOME translation team.

TALKS: I made a couple talks, namely this one: 
http://river-valley.tv/pitivi-an-overview-of-a-foss-video-editors-history-and-design/ I intend to make a new 
one (also focused on PiTiVi) at the Ubuntu Global Jam in Montreal at the end of the month.

PR & AWARENESS: I made a new website for www.pitivi.org and am its maintainer. I also maintain parts of the 
wiki, and blog about progress in pitivi to keep users interested: http://jeff.ecchi.ca/blog/category/pitivi/

Need more? http://jeff.ecchi.ca/ (if your browser is configured to use the English locale/language, the page 
will be shown in its English version. Otherwise, it shows up in French).

The pitivi developers trust me. They are very happy with the work I have done for them, consider me a 
valuable part of their team and essential in the project's increasing quality and success (from what I have 
heard from them). I even have my name in PiTiVi's credits, even though I did not explicitely ask for it (it 
feels rather nice, I have to say). I've been part of the project since it was a toddler (2005). I am very 
confident that you will have no trouble getting positive vouchers from these people, among others:

- Edward Hervey <bilboed AT gmail.com> (PiTiVi/gnonlin/gstreamer superhacker)
- Jeff Schroeder <jeffschroeder AT computer.org> (gnome sysadmin, has known me since 2005, and an integral 
part of my involvement and success)
- Alessandro Decina <alessandro.d AT gmail.com>
- Brandon Lewis <dotsony AT gmail.com>

Other people who may know me (but less than the pitivi-related folks, and I did not notify them that I'm 
applying for the Foundation):

- Sebastien Bacher <seb128 AT ubuntu.com> (he can probably attest to my involvement in Ubuntu bug reporting, 
among other things)
- Pierre-Luc Beaudoin <pierre-luc AT pierlux.com> (from SFLPhone, and perhaps other projects)
- Guillaume Desmottes <gdesmott AT gnome.org> (from my bug reporting in Empathy and others)
- Lionel Dricot <ploum AT ploum.net> (Specto, Getting Things GNOME, and various usability discussions)


Other comments:
I like turtles.

[Application received at Tue Mar 9 19:53:15 2010 (Eastern time)]

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