Re: Please change my contact information

On Fri, 05 Feb 2010, Willie Walker wrote:

Hi All:

I no longer work for Sun Microsystems (or Oracle), so my e-mail address at is incorrect.
It is now walker willie gmail com  
NOTE: if I have an address, I think I may have lost it.  My apologies for not being able
to find the information - does anyone know what I can do to get one or figure out if I already have one
(and how to get one if I do not)?


you never had a mail alias according to our database, 
anyway please mail accounts gnome org with your account details and 
I'll set up your mail.

As a note, please read:

About changing your mail address, I'll send you a token (on the 
ticket you gonna create for the mail alias) to verify your 
identity since your git account also lists the mail.



 : :' :   Andrea Veri <and debian org>,
 `. `'                <av ubuntu com>,
   `-                 <av gnome org>

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