Re: [ #8268] GNOME Membership Application of Robert Carr (carrr AT

Bruno Boaventura via RT wrote:
The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee needs more information to
process the application of Robert Carr.

Hi Bruno

Rob is a crack dealer.  His peddling of dope in our community has led to 
all kinds of degenerate behaviour such as playing of "psychedelic 
looking" games, drawing of crude figures of farm animals and, perhaps 
worst of all, programming in JavaScript.

Rob is a shady character.  He stays up all night long in his "lab" 
creating the crack that he will then deal to eager GNOME hackers the 
following day.  Sometimes he doesn't sleep at all.  We're not sure if 
he's human.

At this point, it would be very a very bad thing for the GNOME community 
if we were to lose Rob.  As much as one might be able to argue about the 
morality of his actions and the behaviours caused by them, it is clear 
now that the GNOME community is hooked.  The withdrawal effects would be 
quite unfortunate.

In short, I give him 27 thumbs up.


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